Dear Members;


As most of you are aware, Horse Racing Alberta had meetings to figure out how to eliminate a $2.1 million debt over the next two years.  


The HRA board had a couple of options to manage the debt. The two Thoroughbred representatives preferred a plan to restructure racing dates to add to the Century Downs meet in the fall. Unfortunately for our horsemen, it was decided to go with a plan that would take $400k from the horseman’s purse pool and $100k from the Breed Improvement pool.  


The “A” Track horseman representatives  (HBPA and CTHS) were strongly against this method as HBPA and ASHA essentially had to pay for most of it, allowing the Community circuit’s purse pool to come out with hardly any hit despite not being self sufficient. Your HBPA board will do their best to keep the program scheduled for 2020 the same, and try to maintain the purse structure.  


The HRA Act specifies that A tracks must have a minimum of 100 race days. B tracks must have 15 race days each. 


Days by track in 2019:

Century Mile: 80 (48 TB/QH, 32 SB)

Century Downs: 68  (17 TB/ QH, 51 SB) 

Evergreen Park: 20

Rocky Mountain Turf: 35


Handle by Track in 2019:

Century Mile: $59,741,647

Century Downs: $37,057,505

Rocky Mountain Turf: $3,442,832

Evergreen Park: $164,227

Track on 2: $676,314

Millarville: $66,369


Century Mile: 59.1%

Century Downs: 36.6%

Rocky Mountain Turf: 3.4%

Evergreen Park: 0.2%

Track on 2: 0.7%

Millarville: 0.1% 



For the current time being, Century Mile’s race day calendar and purse structure will go on as scheduled.

Any questions feel free to contact Allen Goodsell at 403-715-1689.







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