The terms and conditions for 2020 coverage are the same as in previous years. We would ask all parties to review these terms and conditions to avoid any misunderstandings. The applicant is still responsible for fifteen percent (15%) of the costs.

Terms and Conditions:

To be eligible for HBPA assistance all applicants must be duly licensed by Horse Racing Alberta for the year 2020 as a: Groom, Pony Person, Exercise Person or Assistant Trainer and shall make a declaration that his/her major source of income is derived from employment in the backstretch and he/she is not covered by any other form of program, coverage, assistance or insurance.

The applicant is responsible for fifteen percent (15%) of the cost of treatment. The HBPA will contribute eighty-five percent (85%) of the costs of the treatments to the following maximums:

1. DENTAL      $750.00  (non-cosmetic procedures)

2. EYE              $200.00

3. HEARING     $300.00

• All applications must be received by the last day of the race meet and the treatment completed by December 31, 2020.

• All persons must have been employed as a licensee ninety (90) days in the calendar year.

• Any false statements shall constitute grounds for the application to be denied or benefits received to be repaid.

• Ownership of a horse(s) eligible to race could cause rejection of application.

• The decision to approve or disapprove any application shall rest with the Backstretch Committee of the HBPA of Alberta and their decision shall be final.