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1404, 2020

Jockey Club calls for suspension of section 31 for 2019/20 tax filings

By |April 14th, 2020|

Owners and Trainers Jockey Club Calls for Suspension of Section 31 for 2019/20 Tax Filings Farmers involved in the horse racing industry are being asked to join the JCC and HBPA to insist on measures to help them get through the next few years. Please read the article and download the letter to print, sign, mail, or email to your federal M.P. Form-Letter-1-3

2703, 2020

Important update for the 2020 Racing Season

By |March 27th, 2020|

Dear Horsemen, While we do not know the full extent of how the current COVID-19 pandemic will affect our 2020 race season, we are committed to making the best choices we can for all of our owners, trainers, and backstretch personnel. The HBPA of Alberta have received written notice from Century Mile Racetrack and Casino with regards to some significant changes to the 2020 Thoroughbred racing season. The Fall meet at Century Downs scheduled from September 5 – October 25 has been moved in its entirety to Century Mile. This means we will race the entire 2020 season at Century Mile Racetrack and Casino. We have evaluated all of the information and are trying to remain flexible and adaptable to make the best possible decisions. A delayed start to the summer meet might be necessary, and we feel it is in our best interest to have horses and horsemen stay in one location for the entire race season. We will continue

2503, 2020

Executive Manager Allen Goodsell, March 25th COVID-19 update

By |March 25th, 2020|

ATTENTION HORSEMEN                 Dear Horseman, I know most of you are concerned with the COVID 19 situation we find ourselves in today. HBPA and all of its members have been meeting weekly to share information on a local, provincial and federal level. We would love to provide firm dates for opening day etc, however there is absolutely no way we can give you that at this point. I wish we could, but there are just too many variables to give exact dates.  However, what I can do is give everyone the three major obstacles that stand between us and live horseracing at Century Mile. COVID-19 - This seems a little obvious I know, but the fact remains as long as the virus cases are increasing, the province will remain shut down.  So, everyone needs to do their part, follow the protocols. Casinos - Until the race track casinos open up, there will be no

1703, 2020


By |March 17th, 2020|

ATTENTION HORSEMEN A NOTICE FROM CENTURY MILE RACETRACK AND CASINO RACING MANAGER MATT JUKICH, REGARDING ENTRY TO CENTURY MILE BARN AREA: With the emerging COVID-19 pandemic, the backside at Century Mile currently remains open. We hope to continue this barring any outbreaks. Please remember that not everyone infected may show symptoms. Practice social distancing, do not gather in groups more than 10; and if you are sick, or feel sick, please stay home.  We will still be accepting horses onto the backside. Until the State of Emergency is lifted in Alberta, we will only be admitting essential staff to the backside.    The following horse people will be permitted in the Century Mile Backstretch:  o    Trainers  o    HRA Personnel o    Grooms  o    Hotwalkers  o    Exercise Persons  o    Jockeys  o    Vets or Vet Techs  o    Blacksmiths/Farriers o    Horse Dentists   Access temporarily not permitted for non-essential horse people including:   o    Owners  o    Jockey Agents  o    Other License holders listed above, that do not have active work that day  o    Anyone under the age of 16  *For horse people that

1403, 2020


By |March 14th, 2020|

  THE HORSEMEN’S BENEVOLENT AND PROTECTIVE ASSOCIATION OF ALBERTA   Attention Horsemen TRACK CLOSURES ACROSS NORTH AMERICA   The HBPA of Alberta, Century Casino’s, and Horse Racing Alberta are closely monitoring the closures of tracks across North America due to COVID-19.    The HBPA will make updates on social media as they become available.   All other inquires with respect to this matter should be addressed to HBPA Manager: Allen Goodsell – 403-715-1689 or .   March 14, 2020

1403, 2020

Warrior Nation Relay

By |March 14th, 2020|

  THE HORSEMEN’S BENEVOLENT AND PROTECTIVE ASSOCIATION OF ALBERTA   Attention Horsemen 2020 WARRIOR NATION RELAY RACING AT CENTURY MILE   The HBPA is excited to learn that Century Mile will be hosting Warrior Nation Relay in May of 2020!  Warrior Nation Racing brings more people to the races, more people to the slots, and more revenue for everyone!   Century Mile is planning to bring in Chinook stalls and have them set up outside of the gate, in an attempt to lessen disruption of the horsemen on the backstretch.  Executive Manager Allen Goodsell will be working closely with Management at Century Mile and sharing more details as we receive them.   All other inquires with respect to this matter should be addressed to HBPA Manager: Allen Goodsell – 403-715-1689 or .   March 14, 2020

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